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On behalf of Fleet Admiral James Fury, myself, and all of Artemis Corporation, thank you, citizens of Saisiyat. Thank you for your confidence in Artemis Corporation, and for your support. When we asked the Empress for permission to remain in Saisiyat, we hoped and dreamed that the system would truly become a home to us at some point in the future. But you embraced us and took us in as your own almost immediately. I don’t know the words to thank you properly for your love and support. All I can say is Thank You. And I can make you this promise: Your faith in us is not misplaced. Starting today, and on everyday hereafter, Artemis Corporation will make Saisiyat great in so many ways, big and small. Today is a great day, but tomorrow will be even better for all of us.

Everyone in the entire system is invited to Dalgarno Ring, which Blue Life Organization ceded to us after they lost the election. We’re celebrating our victory and throwing a huge party at our new home and base of operations, and all of you are invited! We want to meet the people who made this day possible. We hope to see you there.

Artemis Prosperity Collective Vice President Dania Salazar