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June 27, 2018:

Greetings, citizens. I am Commerce Marshal CunningStunt, commander of Hermes Squadron and the Artemis Prosperity Collective. I typically ask Vice President Salazar to make victory announcements, but today marks a special occasion, and a special victory, and I felt I should address it personally.

We defeated Saisiyat Patron’s Principles today. We showed them mercy after we defeated them the first time earlier this month, and we did not make that mistake again this time. All of their mid-tier and senior leadership have been sold into slavery and shipped to systems across the Bubble. While we would have been well within our rights to execute them, we chose to spare their lives. They have been replaced by executives who are loyal to Artemis Corporation, and Dreyer Terminal now belongs to ATC.

The transference of Dreyer symbolizes ATC’s total control of Saisiyat. We now own and regulate every major installation in the system, and all of our competitors and adversaries combined cannot hope to equal our influence and power in this system.

People have died, and property has been destroyed as we traveled this path, but the dark days are past us now. Artemis Corporation thanks every single citizen of Saisiyat, because we could not have achieved this momentous milestone without your support. It is a good day, but tomorrow will be even better, if we continue to stand together.

Commerce Marshal CunningStunt