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Artemis Corporation fought nonstop for 52 hours, until SPP forces were driven back to the landing pads and airlocks of Dubyago port. ATC troops were granted access to the port by civilian sympathizers. They swept the port, engaging and dominating SPP forces until the faction unequivocally surrendered.

In the final hours of the conflict, SPP leadership at last opened communications with Artemis Command, stating a desire to discuss their grievances and to negotiate a peaceful solution. Fleet Admiral James Fury replied, “Your reasons don’t matter now, and there will be no negotiations. Because of you, people are dead. Surrender completely or join them presently.”

Total surrender followed shortly after. Pursuant to the “Conquest Clause” of Galactic Common Law, Dugyago Port now belongs to Artemis Corporation.

Unfortunately, the gravity generators were heavily damaged by SPP forces as they attempted to cover a retreat with explosive devices. Artemis ships fitted with passenger cabins are being dispatched to house all inhabitants of the port until repairs are made.

The previous senior leadership of Saisiyat Patron’s Principles was banished from the system, never to return upon pain of death. The faction will remain active in the solar system and will be permitted to prosper, provided they do not raise arms against Artemis Corporation again.

Artemis Prosperity Collective Vice President Dania Salazar