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Greetings, Citizens of Saisiyat. I am Vice President Salazar of Artemis Corporation, or “ATC” for short. As you may have seen in a recent GalNet headline, ATC acquired Says’n’Chat and has rebranded it as ATComms. My superiors and I will be corresponding regularly with you from now on, and it is my pleasure to welcome all of you to Artemis family.

I am pleased to bring joyous tidings with this first official communication. After days of bitter conflict, Artemis Corporation has defeated Saisiyat Purple Family in the armed conflict that SPF started with ATC when the Empire graciously granted us access to the system.

Ship combat raged in various conflict zones throughout the system as Artemis troops swept through Springer Base, securing noncombatants and killing any hostiles who unwisely chose to fight rather than flee. Artemis combat pilots killed even more SPF personnel as they left the planet. A few members escaped, but the organization has been decimated beyond recovery.

Fleet Admiral James Fury wants the people of Saisiyat to know that we fought this war for them. SPF were thugs and criminals who preyed on the good people of this system for far too long. And they had the very poor judgement to attack Artemis in an attempt to strong-arm us into paying them the same way they have extorted so many of you over the years. They are done. They can’t hurt you anymore.

We did not, in fact, kill every one of them as the Admiral stated that we would do. In the final hours of the conflict, the Admiral granted clemency to the survivors, because he saw no good reason to divert valuable resources to their extermination when they were shattered beyond reclamation, and Artemis resources could be better dedicated to clean up and repair.

We have lost good people, and we know you have too. We join you in grief, but find hope and reassurance in knowing that we are free of criminal oppression, and we can move forward together into times of healing and prosperity.

Artemis Prosperity Collective Vice President Dania Salazar