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Recognizing that Artemis is a para-military organization that is ill-equipped to administer civilian corporate government on star ports and surface installations, Fleet Admiral James Fury has assigned a large portion of the crew to become a new civilian branch of Artemis, charged with the daily administration of affairs at any installation where Artemis holds profit shares and political influence.

This group of men, women, and androids has been organized under Commerce Marshal Optimized Knight of Hermes Squadron, and has been internally christened the Tyche Corps, but is publicly referred to as the Artemis Prosperity Collective when interacting with civilian audiences. Tyche Corps operations have been delegated to Vice President Salazar.

As the first order of business, Salazar bought a controlling share in Says’n’Chat, the local Saisiyat news broadcasting service. She renamed and re-branded it as ATComms. She will use this network to broadcast local news, which will flow up to GalNet directly and be subject for galaxy-wide distribution.

Since I am not a part of that correspondence chain, I will remain on the  ATC Eris and report on events that happen in other solar systems where ATC is active but has not established control.

Galnet Press Correspondent Amanda Hurley