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Citizens of Saisiyat, thank you yet again for your faith, confidence, and support. Thank you for voting and for making your voices heard. Thank you for choosing Artemis once again. Blue Life Organization has lost its second election against us, and per Galactic Common Law, they have ceded Zwicky hub to us.

Citizens of Zwicky, welcome to the Artemis family. We welcome you and cannot wait to meet you. We understand that your air purifiers have been undependable for nearly a decade. As you read this, Artemis engineers are enroute to assess the situation, make repairs if possible, and order news ones if needed. No need to worry about payment. Artemis Corporation is a for-profit organization, but we don’t think any of our people should have to pay to breathe. We’ll take care of the problem, and take care of you. Stand Together!

Artemis Prosperity Collective Vice President Dania Salazar