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Artemis Senior Command has decided to split Hermes into two groups.

Henceforth, Astraeus Squadron is responsible for all exploration functions, including all forms of galaxy and terrestrial exploration, passenger missions, salvage operations, refueling operations, and search-and-rescue, as well as gathering data for possible expansion targets and suitable locations for corporate events. Mike will lead Astraeus Squadron.

Henceforth Hermes Squadron is responsible for all trade activities, including regular trade, smuggling, trade-related community goals, UA bombing, UA bombing reclamation, trade-based BGS manipulation, and mining.

Vanguard Citizen Five nominated CMDR CunningStunt to lead Hermes Group, due to his dedication and skill with ED commerce and his charitable willingness to assist all members with cash infusions from trade missions. Senior Command unanimously agrees with CZ5’s nomination.  CunningStunt has accepted the mantle and responsibility of leadership and has agreed to lead Hermes personnel henceforth.

He will also be running and administering the Jeeves bot, which will help us when new members join, among other things.

Fleet Admiral James Fury