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Five quick, easy steps to fully joining the best faction in the galaxy!

We’ve put a very simple process in place that makes it easy to join our corporation but also gives everyone involved a chance to ensure Artemis is the right fit for new recruits.  It also helps to dissuade trolls on the prowl for easy targets.  If you’d like to join Artemis Corporation follow these five easy steps:

1. Read our Creed (and PvP RoE) if you expect to engage in PvP combat under the Artemis banner.

2. If you can abide by our Creed, join our Discord server, introduce yourself, and tell us that you agree to the terms of the Creed.

3. Join our squadron on Inara.

4. Hang out with us on Discord, play the game, and get to know us.  This will give you a chance to see if you like the way we do business, and we’ll have a chance to make sure you’re a decent, relatively normal person who’s going to stick around and actually interact with us.

5. Accept promotion from our Fleet Academy into one of our occupational groups, and which point you’ll receive an invitation to join the E:D squadron and receive membership access to this website.