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Riding high on public approval that skyrocketed after our total victory over the Saisiyat Purple Family, Artemis Corporation has become popular enough to challenge Blue Life Organization to an election for control of the Saisiyat system.

Blue Life Organization has been at the helm for a long time, and the system has done well under their leadership, but Artemis Corporation can do better. We supported the war effort that forged the Empire into the glorious power that it is today. We’ve been an economic force in the Galaxy for nearly 1000 years!

We are humbled and thankful for the overwhelming support you have shown us in the short time we’ve been in system, and we urge you to vote.  Most domiciles in all of the major installations allow voting right from the public network access terminals, so please vote early, vote often, and vote Artemis!

Artemis Prosperity Collective Senior Executive Truman Humphrey