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Become a Spartan if You Want to Fight Other Commanders

All ATC Commanders are encouraged to defend themselves if they are attacked, and anyone is welcome to join in PvP practice with other members of the Corporation.

However, only Commanders who have been accepted into the Spartan ranks may initiate PvP combat against Commanders outside of the Corporation.  If you aren’t a Spartan, don’t shoot at anyone other than members of ATC.

Do Not Engage in Nonconsenual PvP

Artemis commanders are expected to gain consent prior to engaging in PvP combat and to abide by any rules of engagement established specifically for that encounter.  If consent has not been established, keep your fingers off your triggers, with the following exceptions. Fire at will, if another commander:

  • initiates nonconsensual attacks on you, ATC personnel, or other commanders in your game instance,
  • flies in a “wanted” combat ship with a bounty in excess of two million credits,
  • is aligned with an enemy power play faction
  • is fighting for an opposing faction in a conflict zone or
  • is on the ATC Sanctioned Human Interdictable Target list.

These criteria do not apply to NPC pilots or Thargoids.  Spare them or kill them as your conscience dictates.

Never Combat Log

Artemis Corporation defines combat logging as “intentionally removing one’s in-game persona from the game while engaged in combat with another human player.”  The method of removal is inconsequential.  The circumstances of the attack are inconsequential.  If another CMDR interdicts or fires on you for any reason and you respond at any point during the combat by logging out via any method, this is combat logging, and it is not tolerated.  Our personnel will not give our faction a reputation as combat loggers. CMDRs who do not wish to contend with PvP combat should play in private groups or solo mode. That’s what those modes are for.

Unless your real life is in danger, your power goes out, your PC explodes, or you or your partner are giving  birth, there is no acceptable excuse for combat logging.

Record Your Fights

Whenever possible, record your fights.  They can be shared with the corporation, analyzed, and used as training tools.  When fighting griefers, a recording might be the only effective way to contradict slander or skewed video footage they post after the fight.

Agree on ROE prior to engaging

If time allows, ensure you and your opponent(s) understand and agree to any specific rules of engagement prior to the battle.  If there is no time, follow generally accepted rules for honorable PvP (avoid ramming, fight to the finish – no waking out, grant mercy if it’s requested, no toxic trash talking, etc.)

This applies while engaged in PvP combat with allies, other ATC commanders, or honorable enemies who respect their adversaries and appreciate the opportunity to fight with like-minded, honorable opponents. (Assume your opponent is honorable, unless you have intel or prior experience that suggests otherwise).

Shout out your kills

When you kill another CMDR, drop a note on our confirmed kills Discord channel. If it was a victory against another ATC Commander, feel free to talk a little good-natured shit and brag a bit, as long as you don’t get offensive or derisive.

If it was against a CMDR outside of our faction, include the names of all ATC Commanders who were involved in the fight, and post screenshots of the comm panels that show who was credited with the kill.

Win with grace. Die with dignity.

Don’t be a jerk when you win, and don’t get salty when you lose. Ask your opponent if he wants any advice you may have regarding his maneuvers, and ask him for any advice he may have that will improve your skills.

Don't Broadcast Grievances

Realize and accept that there isn’t much you can do if a CMDR outside of Artemis screws you over.  Report the incident to ATC Senior Command and your comrades, and get on with your life.

If you have an issue with another member of ATC, do not broadcast it in public chat channels.  Contact the commander privately, or explain your grievance to ATC Senior Command and bring them into the conversation.

SHow up when and where you said you'd be.

If you agree to fight in a duel, participate in scheduled practice, or participate in a community event, you need to show up and do whatever you agreed to do.  If real life alters your plans, contact the other commanders as soon as possible so they aren’t waiting around when the time comes, wondering where you are and if you’re going to show up.


Anytime you fight against honorable foes, or team up with impromptu allies, ask them if they’re in a group.  If not, tell them how awesome Artemis is, and try to recruit them. 

Griefers, defined

Artemis Corporation defines a griefer as any player or group who hassles, ridicules, bullies, persecutes, attacks, or kills other players without provocation, just because they can, and they derive enjoyment by ruining others’ enjoyment of the game. This includes asshole behavior outside of the game as well, such as raiding Discord servers, spamming private message accounts, trolling on forums and social media, etc.

This definition does not include Power Play or Combat Zone PvP.  It does not include role play PvP conducted as an extension of a group’s in-game persona (although PvP pilots in this last case may be added to our list of valid PvP targets and thereafter will be engaged accordingly).

Griefers are often decent people in real life, but within the E:D galaxy they are equivalent of hate groups, terrorist cells, drug cartels, rapists, pedophiles, sex slavers, and animal abusers.  They don’t have to to follow any rules. Some do, but many do not, and we must be prepared and willing to use unsavory tactics against them to avoid fighting at a deadly disadvantage.

We are the good guys. Act like it.

We fight griefers in CGs and elsewhere to protect other players from mischief and harm. This sometimes requires us to use harsh tactics that grieves the griefers, but that doesn’t mean we should talk like them or speak to them like they speak to us.  We are better than that.  Fight, win, or lose with dignity, respect, and good sportsmanship even if your opponent is not giving you the same in return.

Don't worry about getting killed

A griefer can’t “win” by killing you, because our corporate profit sharing ensures your rebuy is not a concern.  Ship destruction shouldn’t even be a significant worry.  Obviously, killing toxic commanders is preferable, but their death is not the main objective.  The main objectives are to prevent them from harassing other players in the local area, and to improve your PvP skills by watching how your enemies attack while figuring out to kill them before they kill you.  Remember: these guys think they are showing you who’s best.  But in reality, they’re just fodder for practice that will make you better.

Be a silent proffessional

Go ahead and vent, roar, rage, and raise hell in ATC voice chat or in our private text channels, but give our enemies nothing when they troll you.  Don’t argue with them, don’t let their toxic nonsense get under your skin, and don’t insult them in game, Discord, Inara, Reddit, FaceBook, Youtube, or anywhere else. 

Give them nothing.  Fight them and kill them in silence. 

If you let them annoy you to the point of snapping and arguing with them, they’ve beaten you and gotten what they wanted.  If your opponent starts to get on your nerves, remember that he could have done anything he wanted in life, and he chose to get really good at being an asshole and ruining people’s fun in a video game.  His parents are probably ashamed of him, and he probably hasn’t touched anyone’s genitals (other than his own) since he was born.  He, and anything he says, are utterly inconsequential, so don’t let his insults bother you.

Anything you say can be used against you

Nothing you say or type to a griefer can be considered private.  No matter how clever you are, griefers can use your words against you after they’ve had hours or days to think it through and figure out how to insult you with your own words.  All the more reason to be a silent professional.

Don't be shamed into fighting at a disadvantage.

There is no honor in fighting or killing a griefer.  The task is akin to putting down a dog that chose to give itself rabies.  Considering this is the case, you need not be concerned with fighting fairly, because they will not afford you the same courtesy.  Ram, gang up on  them, use any weapons, and employ any combat strategy that is required to kill them or distract them from other players.

They will make fun of you.  They will chide and berate you.  They will try to shame you into using tactics or following rules that would give them better chances of killing you.  Don’t pay any attention to them.  They are a cancerous leprosy, and they need to be eliminated or contained for the betterment of everyone else.

Ignore their taunts and attempts to shape your strategies.  Give them nothing. Fight them and kill them as brutally as possible.