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Attention Citizens! Saisiyat Patron’s Principles has destroyed Artemis Corporation ships in an open and unabashed act of war. At this time, we do not understand why they have attacked us, and their leadership will not respond to our requests to parlay.

We deeply regret that civil war has come to the system, but we will not allow the attack to go unanswered. Artemis will emerge victorious from this conflict just as we did against the Saisiyat Purple Family. We will do everything we can to end this fight as quickly as possible, with the fewest casualties and collateral damage as possible. Please, we urge all of you to stay inside your ports, do not fly in the system unless you must, and under no circumstances should you travel to Dubyago Port until this unprovoked violence has been quelled.

Artemis Prosperity Collective Senior Executive Truman Humphrey