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Blue Life Organization is not taking their recent defeat lightly. They’ve redoubled their public service and charity functions throughout the system and have managed to regain enough support to force another election.

Though we are saddened by how quickly some of our supporters abandoned us, Artemis Corporation understands that daily life is difficult for many of our fellow citizens, and we have not yet had time to lift the standard of living. Given time and opportunity, we will make things better. But we also understand that you can’t feed children with promises made by the new guys in the solar system.

We respect BLO as worthy opponents, and we value their contributions to the system even though their help to you has been detrimental to our corporation. Ultimately, we want what is best for the system and will honorably abide by your decision, as rendered by the ongoing election.

We urge the people of Saisiyat to remember the long, honorable history of Artemis Corporation, our loyalty to the Empire, and the wonderful improvements we’ve already brought to Saisiyat in the few short weeks we’ve been here. Blue Life Organization controlled this system for years and did nothing about the Saisiyat Purple Family. They brought no new business or prosperity. Saisiyat is better with Artemis at the helm. Please remember this and vote for safety! Vote for prosperity! Vote for Artemis Corporation!

Artemis Prosperity Collective Senior Executive Truman Humphrey